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Shielded control cable 2 x 0.35 mm²
  • Shielded control cable 2 x 0.35 mm²

Shielded control cable 2 x 0.35 mm²

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Shielded control cable - Alpha Wire Alpha Essentials Communication & control shielded 300V, 2 x 0.35mm², 22 AWG, PVC jacket.

In-stock (30 items available)

Sold per meter in a continuous length (example : you receive a single lenght of 2m if you select quantity = 2, within the limit of 10m)


Control and communication cables :

Alpha Wire control and communications cables are a range of standard communications and control cables and offer you an optimal choice. They have been approved to UL VW1, UL 2092, UL 209 AND UL 2094. This cable can be used for many different applications including CAD/CAM, computer peripherals, broadcast studios, banking systems and much more. Each cable has 2, 3 or 4 multi-conductor foil-shielded tinned copper cables. The cables are fully shielded with aluminized tape and 22, 20 and 18 AWG tinned copper drain and are capable of operating in temperatures between -20 and +75°C.

Approvals :

UL VW1; UL 2092: 2 condutcors; UL 2093: 3 conductors; UL 2094: 4 conductors


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1 length of 1 meter