Flexural strength calculation

To work out whether your setup will hold your planned load, Systéal has developed an online simulation tool.

Please note: this simulator is offered with no guarantees from Systéal. Your structure must be checked by a specialist design office in case of doubt.

To use it, go to the page for the product in which you are interested, then click on the "Bending load calculator".

Bending load calculator

In order to work out the maximum load and deflection (arrow) when bending, fill in the following fields:

  • Load P: The maximum planned load (in kg)
  • Length L: The length of your beam/profile (in mm)
  • Distance a (for structure 2 and 7 only): shift of load (in mm)
  • Length m (structure 5 only): length along which the load is spread out (in mm)

You can then confirm your simulation by clicking on "Calculate"           

Then, identify your desired structure and consult the deflection and recommended maximum load:

  • The deflection must not be greater than 1/1000th of the length of your beam/profile
  • The maximum load is the weight which the load on your frame cannot pass.

If the results are red: the deflection is too high. Reduce the load or change the structure.

If the results are green: your structure is fine and will hold the load.

What is the difference between the x axis and the y axis?

If you have a 30x60 profile for example, it can be arranged in two ways:

The maximum load and deflection (arrow) will differ depending on the orientation of the profile.