Create a window in modular aluminum profiles

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Example of a step-by-step window

Step 1: Preparation of elements for the shutter

The complete list of elements is presented at the end of this article.

The plexiglass plate (here with a blue protective film) is mounted on framing rods (in black) that fit into the groove of the aluminum frame.

The use of a quick clamping joint allows the frame to be made without hindering the plexiglass plate in the corners. Thus it is not necessary to make cuts in the corners.

2nd step :

Drilling profiles that accommodate quick clamping joints.

Step 3: Insert the plexiglass plate into the grooves

A mallet is necessary because the framing rods (in black) come in forcing slightly.

It may be necessary to cut the cutter one of the two internal lips of the framing rod according to the thickness of the plate.

Once the plate is framed by the aluminum profiles, the clamping is done at the quick clamping joints.

Step 4: mounting the door on the frame

Installation of hinges:

Installing the ball latch and handle

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