A custom made packing table

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A realization by SystéAl for our internal needs.

This table 320 cm long x 88 cm deep was made to measure. The structure was made with 40x40 aluminum profiles and 19mm white melamine trays.

This table is used to carry out packing operations. Packaging consumables are stored on the upper shelf and in the bins. Those if are freely positionable on a profile of our range (see list of references below).

A roll of cardboard is attached to the middle of the table.

The table is scalable and will allow to fix a shelf on the lower part and a screen support for processing orders.

Structure + positioning of the trays:

Fixing trays on 40x40 profiles:

A drilling of the profile is done beforehand which allows the passage of the wood screw.

Support system for bins:

Fixing the tray and the intermediate shelf:


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