360° trolley on V-Slot aluminum profile

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For a special application, we have made a 360° movable trolley based on our V-Slot range.

Creation of the 360° guide rail by bending

At first, 2 20x40 V-slot profiles were bent with the desired radius (R = 300mm), then cut to make 2 rails in arcs of circles.

The 2 curved rails were butted with ML-QT connectors (link below). The binding is then lightly sanded to improve the rolling of the carriage.

By assembling these 2 rails, we obtain a perfect circle with a radius of 300 mm, with V-shaped guide grooves (V-Slot system).

Making the carts

2 Trolleys were made:

    Trolley mounted from the outside
    Side Mounted Trolley

The trolleys were made from aluminum profiles bent to the same radius as the guide rail.

The trolley is assembled with V-SLOT wheels fitted with eccentrics to adjust the play between the wheels and the rail.

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