SystéAl reserves the right to modify the carrier at any time.
All our prices are tax ecluded.

For any delivery outside standard dimensions, please contact us.


 Delivery to Metropolitan France



Small packages (accessories only)

Length less than 20cm

Thickness less than 3cm

Max 1Kg

Accessories and/or profiles shorter  than 100 cm

Max 25Kg

Profiles shorter than 200cm

Panels smaller than 75x75cm

Max 60Kg

Profiles shorter than 250cm

Panels smaller than 75x75cm

Max 70Kg

Profiles longer than 200cm and up to 400cm

Panels larger than 75x75cm

Extra costs


Supplement for length >1,4m: + 3,5€

Supplement for Corsica: + 20 €

For private individuals: upon appointment

Supplement for Corsica: + 47€

Delivery time (estimated) (preparation+delivery)between 9 and 11 working daysbetween 9 and 11 working daysbetween 8 and 10 working daysbetween 8 and 10 working daysbetween 9 and 12 working days


 Delivery to:


Belgium, Germany, Netherlands, Luxembourg

United Kingdom, Ireland, Italy, Spain (excluding specific territories), Portugal (excluding specific territories), Austria.

Denmark, Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Switzerland, Sweden

Greece, Iceland, Finland, Norway, Turkey, Maghreb, specific territories Spain & Portugal, Croatia, Malta, Romania and other Eastern European countries

Outside EU. : all duties and tax are to be paid by the customer

Contact us for an oversized delivery.


Accessories and / or profiles less than 100 cm

Max 25 Kg
Accessories and / or profiles less than 250 cm

Max 70 Kg
Delivery time (estimated) (preparation+delivery) between 5 and 15 working daysbetween 5 and 15 working days



Delivery times

An estimated delivery date will be indicated before your order is confirmed.

All delivery times are stated in working days.

Our products are cut to your measurements, once your order is confirmed.

Whichever the delivery method, we will provide you with a link to track your delivery as soon as possible.



Delivery fees include packaging, handling and postage.


You are advised to regroup your purchases into one order. We cannot group two different orders together and you will have to pay shipping fees for both orders.

Packages are large and well protected.


 Pick-up from our premises

It is of course possible to pick up orders at the SYSTEAL.COM premises, without any delivery fees, at the following address:


Société Distrilib Technologies / Systéal

2 allée du Clos des Charmes

77090 COLLEGIEN, France