Dolly for Igus rail – light equipment


Dolly for Igus rail – for light equipment

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41,81 € tax excl.

50,17 € tax incl.

Individually sold dolly for 40mm-thick Igus rail


The dolly block option enables the user to fix the position of the dolly, whatever its orientation.

Optional spot face holes (diam. 10mm for 3/8" screw) enable the user to fix the camera/equipment to the dolly.


Suitable for light equipment.





Movement with no wear and tear, jolts or noise

No lubricants

Simple, quick assembly

No risk of contamination for the user or the camera – no lubricants

Easy handling and transport – light weight

Easy to change trajectory thanks to the system's optimal sliding movement

Quiet, practically silent system as there are no ball bearings

No bowing thanks to extremely rigid aluminium profiles

Quality components