Self-tapping screws for 6mm slot profiles



0,61 € tax excl.

0,73 € tax incl.

Self-tapping screws for 6mm slot profiles

Tightening with Torx T25 screwdriver.

For 4.2mm diameter holes

Usable for profiles with the following dimensions:

- 20x20

- 20x40

- 20x60

- 20x80

- 40x40

Can be used to join two profiles for a very reasonable price!

Prior threading of the ends of the profiles is not necessary.

Dimensions in mm (please consult diagram):

A = 11

B = 3.84

E = 2.25

F = 0.25

L = 20

Please note:  not compatible with the following references:4-AS-6-2020-TPM  ,4-AS-6-2040-TPM

and items with a central diameter greater or smaller than 4.2mm

    Size of slot6
    Compatibility Ø central hole5 mm

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