Sheets and panels

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  • Plexiglas (PMMA) sheets

    General features of plexiglas (PMMA) :

    ● Exceptional transparency

    ● Rigid

    ● Unreactive to many chemical agents

    ● UV- and weather-resistant

    ● Good shapeability and transformability

    ● No optical or mechanical change over time

  • Aluminium sheets

    These light, rigid and malleable aluminium sheets have many different uses. They can even be used outdoors.

  • Polycarbonate (PC) sheets
  • Aluminium sandwich...

    Features of aluminium sandwich panels:

    - 0.3mm thick aluminium on each side

    - Exterior faces coated with highly resistant polyester lacquer

    - M1 fire rating

    - Equivalent rigidity to a full 2.7mm aluminium panel

    - Shock- and weather-resistant

    - Temperature resistant between -50°C and +90°C


    - Can be sawed, clipped, curved, folded, drilled

    - Can be screwed, glued, welded

    - Ideal for digital printing


    - Indoor and outdoor signs and advertising

    - Shop and stand organisation and design

    - Transport

    - Decoration, kitchen splashbacks

    Wide range of colours

    - Partitions, wall covering

    - Suspended ceilings

    - Industrial use

    - Façades

    Sheets also known as Alupanel or Dibond